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"Brandon Bernstein has one of the most gorgeous guitar sounds I have ever heard on record. Whether he's playing with a pick or with his fingers, its just so warm, balanced, and rich. His solo version of But Beautiful is one of those rare gems. Played with that quality of sound that invites the listener into another world, Brandon subtly transforms this old chestnut into something very magical. There is much humanity in Brandon's artistry."(Larry Koonse, guitarist)


"Brandon Bernstein has a sensitive touch on the guitar, a vibrant sound, and a wonderful sense of melodic direction. His debut CD is simply beautiful." (Roddy Ellias, guitarist)


"Brandon Bernstein is one of the most impressive young guitarists on the scene. He is musically creative and his high level of craft is tempered with deep introspection. I look forward to hearing everything he comes out with." (Sid Jacobs, guitarist)


"On this CD of tastefully rendered standards Brandon Bernstein displays a great sound, excellent feel, and just the right amount of irreverence." (Ben Monder, guitarist)


" Guitarist Brandon Bernstein Is coming out of the tradition of great mainstream jazz guitar, but he is already finding his own voice. He swings, has a great sound and melodic sensibility and demonstrates a real conversational rapport with his bandmates. I thoroughly enjoy playing with Brandon and look forward to following his career." (John Stowell, guitarist)


"Brandon Bernstein is a sensitive and serious guitarist whose sincerity bodes well for this great art form." (Putter Smith, bassist)

"But Beautiful is not just for guitar aficionados, it offers any appreciator of jazz that prefers beautiful melodies, lush arrangements and respective historical appreciation for the standards a welcomed opportunity for an enjoyable listen, Bernstein and his trio have put together a thoughtful and enjoyable set of jazz standards that go down easy and leave you satisfied for many hours, highly recommended." (Jazz Times)


"Brandon is a “thirty-something”. We wonder how someone so youthful could possess the maturity (both emotionally and musically) to render the sentiments found in this tune with such insight and clarity". (Just Jazz Guitar)


"Recordings like this give me belief that the great song writing of American masters will survive. Bernstein is in his early thirties. More often than not, musicians of that age don’t really know much about guys like Sammy Fain, Hoagy Carmichael, Jimmy Van Heusen and Warne Marsh." (Jazz Scene)


"On But Beautiful, Bernstein delivers a platter of pleasing standards with some help from Smith and drummer Kendall Kay—the other two-thirds of pianist Alan Broadbent's acclaimed trio. Together, these three men travel through calm country, exploring standard terrain with a light and deft touch. Bernstein and his band mates, both together and individually, excel in the art of relaxed creativity throughout". (All About Jazz)


"But Beautiful is the Great American songbook in a reverential instrumental setting, and it's true that everything old is indeed new again, but it's cats like Brandon Bernstein who are the reason why". (FAME Review)


"Bernstein’s lean, tasteful playing and light sound might bring to mind his biggest hero, Ed Bickert." Ottawa Citizen "If you're a fan of Jim Hall, Ed Bickert and Gene Bertoncini, amongst other like minded players, you'll surely enjoy the mature musicality and playing of Jazz Guitarist Brandon Bernstein on his first official release as a leader.


"But Beautiful", a trio recording of guitar, bass and drums, features an abundance of taste, swing and introspective playing from all, with an overall sound that is as pleasing as a warm embrace." (Lyle Robinson - Jazz Guitar Life)


"You can tell he puts the love of playing first and has been putting in his 10,000 hours since first falling in love with his ax as a tyro, this cat is on the money and in the pocket throughout. This set sounds simple but it’s really anything but. This is a great showcase of young master at work." (Chris Spector MidWest Record)


"This is one of the freshest guitar-based (Brandon) trios (he’s joined by bassist Putter Smith and drummer Kendall Kay) I’ve heard yet in 2013!" (IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION by Rotcod Zzaj)

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